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Contest! Win a spot in Myna Wallin’s erotic writing workshop!

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The folks at Oral: Adventures in Erotic Writing invite you to enter their first online Quickie Erotic Writing Contest and win a spot on Writing Without a Net Workshop 5: Freeing Your Erotic Self in Poetry or Prose with Myna Wallin (http://tightropebooks.com/workshop-series/).

Enter the contest here:


New Writing Without a Net Workshops!

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There are new Writing Without A Net workshops on the Horizon. Tightrope Books’ monthly writing workshop series connects published authors with people interested in receiving advice and instruction in the idiosyncratic art of creative writing. Whether you’re an experienced writer looking to bounce ideas off an established fellow traveller, or a neophyte writer hoping to arrange your creative ideas in verse or prose, the workshop series offers an exceptional opportunity for you.

Writing Without a Net Tightrope Workshop 5
Freeing Your Erotic Self in Poetry or Prose with Myna Wallin

Saturday, February 13, 2010
12-5 p.m.
Refreshments will be served.

“I want to know them well, intimately. I have to be able to describe them.”
~The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume One.

Do you feel self-conscious when you are writing sex scenes in novels? Does your love poetry lack lust(re)? The goal of this workshop is to find a vocabulary for the erotic self; writers will explore ways of describing their characters’ lives fully and unselfconsciously, in order to enhance the story or poem at hand. Exploring your sensual self in poetry or fiction can be exciting, freeing. Not only that, but by incorporating eroticism into your writing you will add a level of depth and honesty to it. In a relaxed, open, and accepting environment, we will discuss how to loosen inhibitions and will do so with various writing exercises meant to free the sensual writer within. We will look at other writers’ techniques and language and explore the variety of ways authors have expressed passion in their writing. Whether you are a poet or a prose writer, a novice or published writer, your work will undoubtedly benefit from this playful, exploratory day.

“Wallin is wry and spry, relentlessly personal. She turns an acerbic eye to relationships, how they falter and fail, and she turns mid-life crises into opportunities for reflection, on how the promises of sexual liberation (according to the Zeitgeist, or to advertising) break apart when confronted by tradition and biology.”
~George Elliott Clarke

“A Thousand Profane Pieces further explores this most venturesome poet’s wit, soul, and passion as she appraises the world in her singularly shrewd, erotic-tinged style.
~Dennis Bolen, Kaspoit! (Anvil Press, 2009)

Myna Wallin is an author and editor born and living in Toronto. She is also an organizer and host of the Art Bar Reading Series. Myna’s first full-length poetry collection, A Thousand Profane Pieces, was published in 2006 by Tightrope Books. Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, including The Algonquin Square Table Anthology, Contemporary Verse 2, Existere, Eye Weekly, Kiss Machine, In the Dark: Stories from the Supernatural, the Literary Review of Canada, Matrix, Nod, and Rampike. She recently received an Honourable Mention from Contemporary Verse 2 for their 2009 2-Day Poem Contest. Myna also hosts “In Other Words” on CKLN, where she has been interviewing authors since 2004. After receiving her MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto, Myna taught Effective Writing at George Brown College for several years. For Tightrope she has edited Sandra Kasturi’s The Animal Bridegroom, Phoebe Tsang’s Contents of a Mermaid’s Purse, and co-edited I.V. Lounge Nights with Alex Boyd. Tightrope Books is releasing Myna’s first book of fiction, Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar, in spring 2010.

Writing Without a Net Tightrope Workshop 6
Earn a Living as a Professional Writer with Sue Bowness

Saturday, March 20, 2010
12-5 p.m.
Refreshments will be served.

Are you interested in making a living as a professional writer and editor? Workshop leader Suzanne (Sue) Bowness has been doing just that for over eight years, writing for a variety of magazines and newspapers, including most recently the Globe and Mail, University Affairs, and Profit Magazine, as well as several corporate clients. In this introduction to the world of freelance writing and editing, you’ll learn how to start and grow a freelance writing business, with tips on everything from how to do business as a sole proprietor, to developing a writing niche and clientele, to writing effective query letters, to networking and developing a profile as a writer. Using samples and writing exercises, this workshop will guide you through the basics that you’ll need to get started in developing a writing career, or to make the transition to working as a freelancer.

Suzanne (Sue) Bowness is a writer and editor whose poems have appeared in the Literary Review of Canada and Pagitica. Her play The Reading Circle won first place in the 2006 Ottawa Little-Theatre One-Act Playwriting Competition. Her debut poetry collection, The Days You’ve Spent, is forthcoming from Tightrope Books in spring 2010. She is pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Ottawa with a focus on nineteenth-century Canadian magazines.

Register online on the Tightrope Website http://tightropebooks.com/workshop-series/

Curious what the workshops are like? Here is some feedback from Michèle Laframboise Blog on our workshop from January with Sandra Kasturi.

New Writing Without a Net

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Writing Without a Net Tightrope Workshop 4

Genre Writing with Sandra Kasturi

Saturday, January 23, 2010

12-5 p.m.


Refreshments will be served.

Register online at http://tightropebooks.com/workshop-series/ or contact Shirarose Wilensky (shirarose@tightropebooks.com) for more info.

Faintly ashamed of loving science fiction, fantasy, and horror? Slightly embarrassed for wanting to write the stuff? Raise your head and be proud! These contemporary genres stem from noble literary traditions and include the works of such masters as Homer, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, Shakespeare, Yeats, and Spenser. Surprised? Well, what is The Odyssey if not a work about magic, gods, and monsters? What is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, if not a story about fairies and spells? “Speculative fiction” is one of the bestselling genres in literature, film, and other media. Ninety percent of the top-grossing movies of all time were science fiction. And of course . . . someone has to write the stuff. Could it be you?

This is a workshop for writers at any level, who wish to start writing genre fiction, have already been writing it for years and want to hone their skills, or even published writers who want to re-energize their thought processes. (Participants do not have to bring a manuscript with them as we will be working on writing exercises, but they can if they wish to have some feedback on a piece they are currently writing.) We will also spend time on the practical aspects of the writerly life: finding a publisher/agent, joining a writing group, marketing/promoting one’s work, as well as the challenges/benefits of writing in the spec fic genres. Participants should be comfortable sharing their work and reading it aloud.

Sandra Kasturi is a poet, writer, editor, and publisher. In 2005 she won ARC magazine’s annual Poem of the Year award for “Old Men, Smoking.” She is the poetry editor of ChiZine and Co-Publisher of ChiZine Publications. Sandra has written three poetry chapbooks and has edited the poetry anthology, The Stars As Seen from this Particular Angle of Night. Her work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including Prairie Fire, Contemporary Verse 2, TransVersions, On Spec, several of the Tesseracts series, 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology, and Northern Frights 4. Her cultural essay, “Divine Secrets of the Yaga Sisterhood” appeared in the anthology Girls Who Bite Back: Witches, Slayers, Mutants and Freaks. Sandra is a founding member of the Algonquin Square Table poetry workshop and also runs her own imprint, Kelp Queen Press. She managed to snag an introduction from Neil Gaiman for her first full-length poetry collection, The Animal Bridegroom (Tightrope Books). She is currently working on two novels: a mythological noir and a steampunk epic involving the British East India Company, the Pinkerton Agency, Harry Houdini, and zombies. She is represented by the Anne McDermid Agency.