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Published Poems!

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Sue Bowness has published two poems, “Plant Death” and “Mannequin” with the Ottawa-based literary series, Tree Reading Series. A vid is also included of her performance, which I think might tickle your chlorophyllic skeleton.

You know what to do:
If you like her stuff, try buying her book, The Days You’ve Spent from our website:

Wrong Bar author Nathaniel G. Moore also has a new poem titled, “Thieves Like Us,”
in the Prison issue of Descant magazine (which also features work by
Rubin “The Hurricaine” Carter this month), and a short story called
“Welcome To Balm Beach” in subTerrain magazine (also hot off the press).
There are references to recently jailed pop star George Michael in the
story, and a pelet gun. The magazines are available at fine stores
nation wide, like Type on Queen West for example which is a
lovely store.

Wrong Bar can be had at our website:

Globe and Mail Delivers a Mad Review

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It has been my pleasure to blog about so many great book reviews today, and G and M book reviewer, Edward Brown, was one person who made that happiness possible. Nathaniel G. Moore was clearly the other, since he wrote the darned thing.

Amongst the outrageous-yet-deserved claims that Moore and his novel, Wrong Bar, are the next comings of gonzo journalism, stream-of-conscious irony, and are unprecedented “works” in contemporary Canadian literature, he also claims that:

“Wrong Bar defies categorization. Part first-person narration, part hallucinatory observation, the story progresses through several devices, including the use of text messages, a film script, news clippings, transcripts from police reports and a couple of (simplistic) illustrations.”

This collage of writing styles and information have proven successful for Moore, as his book was recently shortlisted for the ReLit Award for Best Novel.

Here is the article, which I hope you’ll find as enjoyable as I did:

If you order a copy of Wrong Bar during the month of September via Tightropebooks.com, you can recieve a year’s subscription to Broken Pencil Magazine and a Broken Pencil Tshirt! The link takes to the title’s catalogue page:


Moore will be touring at the (im)possible pace of 3 readings in 4 nights, the information for which is below:

Thursday, September 23rd at time TBA
LiveWords Reading Series
Black Swan Restaurant, 154 Danforth Ave.

Fellow readers are:
Elisabeth De Mariaffi
Jacob Scheier

Saturday, September 25th at 1PM
Culture Day Tightrope Bonanza
Tightrope Books office, 602 Markham St.

Fellow readers are:
Ian Burgham, The Grammar of Distance
David Livingstone Clink, Monster
Sandra Kasturi, The Animal Bridegroom
Jim Nason, The Girl on the Escalator
Myna Wallin, Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar
Heather Wood, Fortune Cookie

Sunday, September 26th at time TBA
Pilot Reading Series
The Sparrow, 5322 St. Laurent Blvd (subject to change*)
*Nathaniel believes this series is put on by the children of Matrix Magazine but is never really sure. “If you Google Montreal Pilot Nathaniel G. Moore September 26 that weekend you might be in luck,” says Nathaniel.

Properly Informed News About the Night Before Canzine Party

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Good thing that interns are allowed wiggle room, because I made a mistake about the time for The Night Before Canzine event! Here’s the new news:

If you like Canzine, you’ve probably registered for their event on Saturday, October 16 at W2 Storveum (151 West Cordova St. Vancouver) from 1-7PM or Sunday, October 24 at The Great Hall (1087 Queen St. W, Toronto) from 1-7PM. If you’ve signed up for the Toronto event, however, there’s an extra treat in store.

On Saturday, October 23, Broken Pencil is hosting a pre-party!!!
(Right now I wish I had DJ Ol’ Youngin’s horn to blast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEO6HI8LA1M, featured at 1:50 into the vid, because this party deserves it).

Meet the organizers of Canzine and the editors at Broken Pencil for a free drink, some food, and zine kulture. You can register on the Broken Pencil website, the link for which is here: http://www.brokenpencil.com/canzine/night.php

Saturday, October 23rd | 8pm
Location TBA

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Sue Sinclair read at the Bryant Park Reading Room “Word For Word” poetry series with six other Canadian poets, including: Ken Babstock, Nick Thran, Matthew Tierney, A.F. Moritz, and Molly Peacock. As guest blogger for the Bryant Park Blog, Anne Lovering reviewed the States-side reading with an enthusiasm for Sinclair’s and the other poets’ experimentation with letters, words, phrases, and ideas; it is exactly the sort of reaction that we hope poetry continues to inspire on our own home court. To read the review, just follow your literary convictions: http://blog.bryantpark.org/2010/08/word-for-word-poetry-blogs_24.html

Sue Sinclair read “Cherry Trees,” a poem which will be published in Tightrope Books’ Best Canadian Poetry in English 2010 anthology, and will be launching at the Vancouver Writer’s Festival on October 23 and in Toronto on October 28. It will be available for purchase on our website shortly.

For Those of You Who Like it Rum-Soaked and Raw, Says Salty Ink

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Tightrope Books loves Salty Ink loving Danila Botha. This is me conveying that my love is being paid forward to Salty Ink for their great and exacting review of Danila Botha’s Got No Secrets. Below is an excerpt:

“A quick read, Got No Secrets clearly shows that Botha has a real fire in her belly, and you feel the flames in this debut. I could say the stories lack subtlety, or I could say they roar. I can also say that there are moments of surprisingly original imagery in this book.”

I always associate fires in bellies with my favourite creature comforts and past-times, but Botha’s passion is fuel enough without cookies and whiskey. Salty Ink is also the first review to include Botha’s title reference to Brendan Benson’s song, which is included for yonder listening.

Here’s the link that you need to click on company time!

If you play kick the can in the Halifax area, be sure to check out Danila Botha’s reading event at the Spring Garden Rd. Memorial Public Library on Oct.5, 7PM.

Also, is <3 lame and dated?
<3333333 YOU