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“Tuesday Teaser” The Animal Bridegroom by Sandra Kasturi

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Here is another teaser for your reading pleasure, this week we present:

The Animal Bridegroom poems by Sandra Kasturi

In the fantastical world of Sandra Kasturi’s poetry, myth intersects with reality resulting in a unique dream world that even those who generally shy away from poetry find irresistible. Filled with instances of role reversal, shapeshifting and gender bending, the feminist streak running through these poems becomes a bedtime story whose ending is suspect, unexpected and filled with dark humour. Whether running with the wolves, or sleeping with them, Kasturi uses her sly words to turn everyday conventions inside out.

Sandra Kasturi is a poet, writer and editor. She is currently working on an animated children’s TV series, a novel and another poetry collection. In 2005 she won ARC magazine’s coveted annual Poem of the Year award for her poem “Old Men, Smoking.” She has also received several Toronto Arts Council grants, and a Bram Stoker Award for her editorial work at the on-line magazine, ChiZine. Sandra has three poetry chapbooks published, as well as the well-received SF poetry anthology, The Stars As Seen from this Particular Angle of Night, which she edited. Her poetry has appeared in various magazines and anthologies, including Prairie Fire, On Spec, several of the Tesseracts series, 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology, and Northern Frights 4. Her cultural essay, “Divine Secrets of the Yaga Sisterhood” appeared in the anthology Girls Who Bite Back: Witches, Slayers, Mutants and Freaks. Sandra is a founding member of the Algonquin Square Table poetry workshop and runs her own imprint, Kelp Queen Press. The Animal Bridegroom is her first full-length poetry collection.



I have often wondered:

the scales on my bed
butterly tri-coloured
better ice cream
than I’ve eaten in years
coral reefs
of epic proportions
and salt residue
in the bathtub
the mussel shells
on the floor
my hair full of sand
from the pillowcases
webbed fingerprints
waterlogged on the door-latch
and my copies
of Moby Dick and Captains Courageous
left slightly damp and half read

But I never knew love to make much sense

Sandra Kasturi at Fascination Street, April 29

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Fascination Street is a new spoken word night that’s operating with the intent to push boundaries by seeking out the best alternative, experimental, and fringe writers in the city. Inspired by the likes of Bukowski, Blake, Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Antonin Artaud, and Lydia Lunch, this night is looking to establish a platform for spoken word that operates outside of the average literary reading.

It’s happening:
Tuesday, April 29
Time: 7:30pm – 11:00pm
Location: Augusta House
Street: 152 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market
City/Town: Toronto, ON
Featuring: Sandra Kasturi, Author of The Animal Bridegoom