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Got No Secrets reviewed in The Coast and Broken Pencil

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In her review of Danila Botha’s Got No Secrets, Shannon Webb-Campbell calls Botha’s writing fearless, saying that her “prose packs a punch.” Meanwhile, in another review, Richard Rosenbaum calls Botha’s prose visceral and her writing “stark, honest and stripped-down.”

Click here to read Shannon Webb-Campbell’s review on thecoast.ca, and click here to read Richard Rosenbaum’s review on brokenpencil.com.

2011 is the Year of the Short Story

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Year of the Short Story Yosstini2011 is YOSS, hoss. That’s right, 2011 has been declared the Year of the Short Story. From the manifesto:

We believe in putting an end, once and for all and upon a time, to the publishing industry’s dour and potentially self-fulfilling prophecy that “Short story collections don’t sell.” We feel that when people stop perpetuating this gloomy statement, it will cease to be true.

Hear, hear!

For more information, and to see how you can help, check out 2011yoss.com.

For the record, Tightrope has published a number of short story collections – most recently, The Girl on the Escalator, by Jim Nason – as well as Got No Secrets, by the fabulous Danila Botha, Your Love is Murder or the Case of the Mangled Pie, by Paul Hoang,  After the Fires, by Ursula Pflug, among others. Check ‘em out, and let us know what you think!

In The Dark, edited by Halli Villegas and Myna Walli

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In the Dark, edited by Halli Vallegas and Myna WallinFrom the introduction to the very last page In The Dark brings together twenty-eight works by Canadian authors, which touch on everything from madmen, ghosts, poltergeists and spooks.

Editors Myna Wallin and Halli Villegas bring together a unique collection of stories that are witty, eerie and frightening. All twenty-eight stories delve into the dark shadows and corners of each writer’s imagination, the place where all supernatural stories begin.

For more information about the editors or authors of In The Dark please visit the Tightrope Book catalogue.

Interview with Daniel Scott Tysdal

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Daniel Scott TysdalThe latest issue of The Puritan contains an interview with Tightrope author Daniel Scott Tysdal, conducted by E Martin Nolan, as well as a short story, “The Poem”.

From the interview:

[N]othing’s gained from suddenly realizing, oh this part was made up and this part is true, and you have this big breakthrough. That‟s not it. It‟s about creating these different relationships to the real, whether they were real or not in the first place.

Tsydal’s latest title is The Mourner’s Book of Albums.