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Change Toronto: Two new performances by Starla Bontecou

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Tightrope’s Karen Correia Da Silva/ Starla Bontecou will be performing two new pieces of public Performance Activism and body poetry this week. As part of the ongoing Change Toronto Performance Series, Ms. Bontecou will explore two different facets of exploitation in Toronto, and call us to acknowledge the internal and external ruins of the city.

For more information, click here.

Tightrope Poets on The Toronto Poets 5 Questions Series

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Read two different interviews on The Toronto Quarterly Blog with Tightrope Poets Ian Burgham and Karen Correia Da Silva as part of the Toronto Poets: 5 Questions Series.

Open Book Toronto Loves Tightrope’s Art Object Books

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Open Book Toronto recently interviewed our design star, Karen Correia da Silva, about the aesthetic sensibilities that inspire her work for the Tightrope Books’ catalogue and her online zine, Steel Bananas.

This interview reminds me of how multifaceted the publishing industry is, and how we can all explore and develop the various artistic sides of ourselves.  If you click here, you can read about a Toronto-based literary comet.

Karen will be the guest poetry editor of the next Incongruous Quarterly issue, and is asking for submissions based around the theme of collage.  If you click here, you can check out the guidelines.

If you click here, you can check out some of the photos taken at the Steel Bananas’ 2nd birthday party, held at Sneaky Dee’s on October 1.  The fiesta was apparently off the chain.

Call for Submissions of Poetry Collage

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Tightrope Books’ Assistant Editor & Designer Karen Correia Da Silva is Guest Poetry Editor for the next issue of the Incongruous Quarterly, a Toronto and Montreal based online literary journal. She’s looking for poems on the theme of collage. The prompt:

Disconnected or disorganized? Pastiche or plagiarism? We’re looking for mosaics and mash-ups. The technique of collage in poetry is much like its counterpart in visual art; that of mixing, mashing, and gluing – sometimes haphazardly – words together. Think cut ups, bits of found text, pastiche, mixed genre, or multimedia. We want botched prosodics, exploding sentences, or just plain wack word fusions that would make any Formalist cringe.

For more information, check out the Incongruous Quarterly’s submissions guidelines, or the Fall call for submissions page.

Thursday Night Rent Party

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The lovely and talented Karen Correia da Silva will be performing tonight as part of the bi-monthly Thursday Night Rent Party. The event will be held at the Cameron House (408 Queen Street West) from 9:30-12:30. Featuring performances by musical guests: Hopeful Monster, Devin Cuddy & The Family; poetry by: N. Alexander Armstrong & Karen Correia da Silva and Comedy by Sunnie D’Souza. For more info check out the Thursday Night Rent Party’s blog.