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Art or War, by Viktor Mitic

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Art or War, by Viktor MiticArt or War consists of many famous works and art featuring portraits of celebrities and iconic religious figures outlined in bullet holes. Viktor Mitic was shocked by recent incidences of defacement of sacred workds such as the destruction of the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan by the Talinan and decided to use the destructive power of the gun to instead create art and to counter the destruction normally caused by the tool.

“Although the process is very loud, there is a sense of peace after the smoke is gone.” – Viktor Mitic

Viktor Mitic’s paintings shimmer and move. They look back at you. They hunt you down…

Eleven of the paintings presented in Art or War are accompanied by prose or poetry by a distinguished Canadian author: Erika Ritter, George Elliott Clarke, George Fetherling, Katherine Govier, Catherine Bush, Susan Musgrave, Gary Michael Dault, Barry Dempster, Jim Nason, and Goran Simic. These writers’ creative responses provide an illuminating counterpoint to Mitic’s inspiring and challenging work.

To find out more about Viktor Mitic’s Art or War please go to the Tightrope Books catalogue.

Literary Marathon

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I want to thank everyone who came out to our “Get Cultur’d” event and to Word on the Street Toronto!  I met a lot of readers who are passionate about Canadian authors and publishing, and I hope that they all know a little more about Tightrope Books.

Highlights of “Get Cultur’d” were the amazing volunteers who bravely read with our authors, despite casting impossibilities, and our prize giveaways!  One man played the role of a young, lesbian punk from Heather Wood’s Fortune Cookie, and the two interns played a cougar and her cub from Myna Wallin’s Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar (all in good fun).  Our prizes spanned the gamut of literature, clothing and accessories apparel, vino, and bedroom toys.  Thank you to Nathaniel G. Moore, David Clink, Heather Wood, Myna Wallin, Jim Nason, Sandra Kasturi, and our audience members for a great performance and the lively discussion!

While “Get Cultur’d” was fun, WOTS was even more fun.  There was so many literary groups that came to the festival, and so many activities to participate in, but we were hunkered down at our booth (shared with ChiZine Publications).  The atmosphere of cultural support and deal-making that pervaded the air was intoxicating, I think on both ends of the table.

There are pictures and videos to come, so keep checking for some amazing laughs.

Jim Nason’s Workshop on Intuition a Smash Success

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Jim Nason’s workshop on Teaching Intuition on Oct 10 at the Tightrope office was a blast and a half. Workshop participants wrote poetry and munched on pastries under Jim’s benevolent and encouraging eye. Thanks to Jim for putting on such a thoughtful and productive workshop.

Don’t forget to register for the next Tightrope workshop, Playing with Voice with Catherine Graham at http://tightropebooks.com/workshop-series/. Only $50 but spaces are limited.

Jim Nason Workshop Handouts Ready for Pickup

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The handouts for Jim Nason’s workshop, Teaching Intuition, are available for pickup at the Tightrope office by those who have registered. (The handouts are: Don Domanski, “Flying Over Language”; Donald Hall, “The Master”; and Gary Short, “Outlines.”)

Canadian poet, Don Domanski, describes intuition as “an unpredictable whisper against the skin, something that defies logic.” In this workshop, writers will explore ways of getting to the creative wonder that is beyond the demands of the intellect.

The workshop will take place at the Tightrope office, Saturday, October 10, 12-5 p.m. There are still a few spots open, so register now at http://tightropebooks.com/workshop-series/.

Our first workshop, the 21st-Century Canadian Sonnet with Molly Peacock, was a roaring success. An attendee had this to say:

The workshop with Molly Peacock was an invigorating kick in the pants. Molly’s vibrancy, enthusiasm and laser keen eye for detail changed the way I engaged not just with my own work, but with the larger body of contemporary poetry. Warm,witty and insightful, Molly’s boundless energy buoyed me up for days afterward.”

Tightrope Workshop Series

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Introducing the Tightrope Books Workshop Series!

Tightrope Books’ monthly writing workshop series connects published authors with people interested in receiving advice and instruction in the idiosyncratic art of creative writing. Whether you’re an experienced writer looking to bounce ideas off an established fellow traveller, or a neophyte writer hoping to arrange your creative ideas in verse or prose, the workshop series offers an exceptional opportunity for you.

Workshop 1: 21st Century Canadian Sonnet Studio with Molly Peacock
September 12, 12 – 5 p.m.

Is there a 21st century sonnet? A Canadian sonnet? Why has the sonnet persisted, ebullient and lively, after six centuries? How has it renewed poetry and poets? In the 21st Century Canadian Sonnet Studio, we will take a deep dive into as many aspects of the sonnet as we can: a brief history of the sonnet, the techniques of writing them, the sonnet as the classic form of the love poem, the challenge of making the form new in the 21st century.

This sonnet studio is designed for all levels, beginning to advanced. For students who don’t know what a sonnet is, it will provide chances to try the “beginner’s sonnet;” for those who have some familiarity, the studio will offer opportunities to deepen knowledge; and for participants who have been writing sonnets all their lives, Molly Peacock will offer the challenge of writing sonnet crowns. The Sonnet Studio offers an opportunity for supervised writing in class as one paints in a classroom studio as well as workshop discussion.

Workshop 2: Teaching Intuition with Jim Nason
October 10, 12 – 5 p.m.

Canadian poet, Don Domanski, describes intuition as “an unpredictable whisper against the skin, something that defies logic.” In this workshop, writers will explore ways of getting to the creative wonder that is beyond the demands of the intellect. Paradoxically, they will also discover that creativity is not strictly an intuitive process; rather, it involves discipline, research, a willingness to trust the tension between structure and chaos, and a commitment to letting go of preconceived notions of outcome. Aspiring poets will understand the importance of craft, structure, revision, and point of view. Various exercises will illustrate how to enter the poem, surrender to the flow—how to work with words and images to craft a poem that defies and defines logic.

Required Reading: (Handouts will be provided 2 weeks in advance of the workshop.) Don Domanski, “Flying Over Language”; Donald Hall, “The Master”; Gary Short, “Outlines.”

For more information or to enroll, click here: http://tightropebooks.com/workshop-series/