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Tightrope Poets on The Toronto Poets 5 Questions Series

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Read two different interviews on The Toronto Quarterly Blog with Tightrope Poets Ian Burgham and Karen Correia Da Silva as part of the Toronto Poets: 5 Questions Series.

GULCH Reviewed in Broken Pencil Magazine

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Steel BananasGULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose received a smashing review in the latest issue of Broken Pencil Magazine:

Steel Bananas art collective has come a long way since it first started handing out bananas at Canzine in late 2008. They’ve moved on to continually put out a monthly online issue, start a reading series, and to complete another feat with this book. With a zine-aesthetic, Gulch: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose successfully surprises by making a coherent collection out of 50-plus authored pieces. What an undertaking! This inventive book of fantasy fiction, concrete poetry, photo essays and short fiction is brimming with variety, and if you can get past its off-kilter design (which includes a sometimes-sideways and upside-down layout) you’ll be sure to find something worthwhile. Gulch plays with the idea of collaboration and does it well, with a buffet of new and exciting work from today’s up and coming talent.

GUCLH Reviewed by Rover Arts

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In a February 22, 2010 review of GUCLH: An Assemblage of Poetry & Prose in Rover Arts, the reviewer said:a “Never mind those who say it can’t be done, Gulch is definitely a book you can judge by its cover. The over-saturated colors, the mysteriously supine urbanite hipster, the carnivalesque orgy of objects in the background, even the name ‘Gulch,’ help you understand what you’re getting into. You’re getting into something complex and occasionally self-sufficient.”

Read the full review here: http://roverarts.com/2010/02/thinking-when-you-shouldnt/

GULCH on the Maker Culture Podcast Series

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Karen Correia Da Silva was interviewed about last season’s GULCH anthology for episode six (MEdia) of the Maker Culture Podcast series. From the series:

In this episode, we get our hands around all types of home brewed media—from books to music. What drives people to get out the ink and paper or turn up the speakers and press record? And why does it matter? We hear from all sorts of people adding their own flavour to the media mix.

Listen here on rabble.ca.

Review of GULCH: An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose in Rabble

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“The rhizomatic-multiplicities approach is not always directly addressed by the pieces of this collection. Instead, some writing is born out of play or anger or fantasy or fact — concrete poetry, cell phone transcripts, love stories, mysteries. Over the course of 52 writers, I alternated between absorbed and frustrated, but the reliability of GULCH is the space it provides for new visions, new styles and new writers.”

Read the full review here.