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2011 is the Year of the Short Story

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Year of the Short Story Yosstini2011 is YOSS, hoss. That’s right, 2011 has been declared the Year of the Short Story. From the manifesto:

We believe in putting an end, once and for all and upon a time, to the publishing industry’s dour and potentially self-fulfilling prophecy that “Short story collections don’t sell.” We feel that when people stop perpetuating this gloomy statement, it will cease to be true.

Hear, hear!

For more information, and to see how you can help, check out 2011yoss.com.

For the record, Tightrope has published a number of short story collections – most recently, The Girl on the Escalator, by Jim Nason – as well as Got No Secrets, by the fabulous Danila Botha, Your Love is Murder or the Case of the Mangled Pie, by Paul Hoang,  After the Fires, by Ursula Pflug, among others. Check ‘em out, and let us know what you think!

Ursula Pflug Reads in Toronto – May 3rd!

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Catch Ursula Pflug (After the Fires) tonight at Toronto’s Rowers Pub Reading Series. Pflug will be joined by poet Christian Bök (Eunoia) and author David Day (Just Say No to Family Values).

The Rowers Pub Reading Series takes place @ Harbord House (formerly Rowers Pub), 150 Harbord St. (between Spadina & Bathurst). Event starts at 7:30 pm. For more information, visit http://rowerspubreadingseries.com

Praise for Ursula Pflug (After The Fires)

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While the world Pflug creates is tensioned with useful allusions to oppression as well as cauchemar horror, the counter-placement of people next to unexpected objects and within strange settings is beautiful, bizarre and bleeding in a bright red way more dignified than a lie…

…We know these characters, they are quizzical, human, endearing. They write letters on air-sickness bags, Saran Wrap, pages torn from magazines. They are our punk roommates, they discuss arrangements, want to bring one more friend to sleep over on the hideabed couch.

-Susan Dyment, The Peterborough Examiner

Pflug’s impressive control of language creates a manageable framework for the imaginative content of her stories in which reality is shifted slightly, turned on its axis. Characters confront the impossibility of true communication with another person as their various relationships are mediated or perhaps enabled by letter-writing, drugs, and parallel worlds. The highly visual and often abstract prose makes for an uneasy reading experience in which the narrative begins to interrogate the reader’s perception of reality. This is the kind of reading that requires a little, god forbid, work – it forces thought and reconsideration and discomfort in a great way. It’s often the case that writing that seems difficult or challenging on a formal level manages to best articulate the complexities of human life, and Pflug’s collection is no exception.

-Katelynn Schoop, The Danforth Review

Buy After The Fires from you local independent bookseller, or click here.