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Ian Burgham on poetry in the digital world

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The Grammar of Distance, by Ian BurghamIan Burgham shares his thoughts on the role poetry will play in the digital world with The Toronto Quarterly.

When you asked me what role I saw poetry playing in a digital world I was hit with a number of responses. The first was that perhaps poetry plays no role whatsoever in the world. It is famously said that “it makes nothing happen” and therefore has no action associated with it. I agree with that. I for one do not set out to change the world because I believe that the world, and if we mean by that “the human condition and human behaviour”, is ever unchanging. I am not out to save the world and poetry is not written to do save it either. Poetry is simply the imagination at work on experience to produce an artifact (by exacting craft) of truth and beauty – it is the expression of nothing so it does not set out with any agenda but to be itself.

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

Ian Burgham has published two poetry collections with Tightrope Books, The Stone Skippers and The Grammar of Distance.

Interview with Jim Johnstone and Julienne Lottering

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Julienne LotteringPatrick Connors interviewed Jim Johnstone and Julienne Lottering for newz4u.net about their new book, Sunday, the locusts, launched yesterday at The Ossington by Tightrope Books.

From the interview:

The work…is very eclectic and remarkable, and I asked Johnstone what inspired it.

“I’ve wanted to write a single protagonist long-poem for quite some time, nearly 10 years in fact, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a single origin of inspiration. My interest in evolutionary biology and post-apocalyptic literature certainly contributed to the project in a narrative sense. In keeping with archeological bent of the book, Julie and I used a lot of found text…”

Click here to read the rest of the interview, or for more information about the book and to purchase a copy please click here.

David Livingstone Clink interviewed for Northumberland Today

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Monster, by David Livingstone ClinkDavid Livingstone Clink was interviewed for Northumberland Today about a recent reading, and they discuss his latest book, Monster.

From the interview:

Reflecting on poems he never wrote, Clink says the act of not writing might be poetry in itself. He has not yet produced every grim thing that he could write.

“Poems that one would choose not to write would be ones where one is not ready to tackle the subject matter,” he says. “There are some incidents in my life that I may someday put down to paper.”

Click to read an excerpt from Monster, “Oceanus Procellarum“.

Interview with Myna Wallin on Open Book Toronto

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Myna WallinPatrick Connors interviews Myna Wallin on Open Book Toronto, and they discuss Myna’s latest book, Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar.

From the interview:

“Humour saves us from taking ourselves too seriously,” Wallin told me. “In moments of disappointment, depression; in every situation no matter how dire, there is a moment of pathos. In every moment of happiness, the fear of growing old, getting sick.”

Myna has a workshop coming up this Saturday, on February, 26th, 2011 from 12 – 5 pm, exploring erotic techniques – in writing. For more information and to sign up, check out Freeing Your Erotic Self in Poetry or Prose.

Interview with Daniel Scott Tysdal

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Daniel Scott TysdalThe latest issue of The Puritan contains an interview with Tightrope author Daniel Scott Tysdal, conducted by E Martin Nolan, as well as a short story, “The Poem”.

From the interview:

[N]othing’s gained from suddenly realizing, oh this part was made up and this part is true, and you have this big breakthrough. That‟s not it. It‟s about creating these different relationships to the real, whether they were real or not in the first place.

Tsydal’s latest title is The Mourner’s Book of Albums.