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Posted By Tightrope Books On November 8, 2010 @ 5:09 pm In News | 6 Comments

To paraphrase the infamous, scrawled words of Dr. Gonzo from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, we’ve got a “backlist beauty” sale for you!

For the month of November we’re selling backlist books for $5, a price that you can’t help but “tap.”

Check out our selection:

After the Fires [1] 
Boredom Fighters [2]
Bone Dream [3]
Best Canadian Poetry 2008 [4]
Etcetera and Otherwise [5]
Eating Fruit Out of Season [6]
George Featherling and His Work [7]
Iron-on Constellations [9]
In the Dark [10]
Little Venus [11]
Manual for Emigrants [12]
Open Slowly [13]
The Stone Skippers [14]
Somewhere to Run From [15]
Tell Your Sister [16]
Your Love is Murder [17]

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[1] After the Fires: http://tightropebooks.com/after-the-fires-ursula-pflug/

[2] Boredom Fighters: http://tightropebooks.com/boredom-fighters-ed-jake-kennedy-paola-poletto/

[3] Bone Dream: http://tightropebooks.com/bone-dream-moira-macdougall/

[4] Best Canadian Poetry 2008: http://tightropebooks.com/the-best-canadian-poetry-2008/

[5] Etcetera and Otherwise: http://tightropebooks.com/etcetera-and-otherwise-sean-stanley/

[6] Eating Fruit Out of Season: http://tightropebooks.com/eating-fruit-out-of-season-david-clink/

[7] George Featherling and His Work: http://tightropebooks.com/george-featherling-and-his-work-ed-linda-rogers/

[8] GULCH: http://tightropebooks.com/gulch-ed-karen-correia-da-silva-curran-folkers-sarah-beaudin/

[9] Iron-on Constellations: http://tightropebooks.com/iron-on-constellations-emily-pohl-weary/

[10] In the Dark: http://tightropebooks.com/in-the-dark-ed-halli-villegas-myna-wallin/

[11] Little Venus: http://tightropebooks.com/little-venus-carla-drysdale/

[12] Manual for Emigrants: http://tightropebooks.com/manual-for-emigrants/

[13] Open Slowly: http://tightropebooks.com/open-slowly-dayle-furlong/

[14] The Stone Skippers: http://tightropebooks.com/the-stone-skippers-ian-burgham-w-an-introduction-by-roland-leach/

[15] Somewhere to Run From: http://tightropebooks.com/somewhere-to-run-from-tara-michelle-ziniuk/

[16] Tell Your Sister: http://tightropebooks.com/tell-your-sister-andrew-daley/

[17] Your Love is Murder: http://tightropebooks.com/your-love-is-murder-or-the-case-of-the-mangled-pie-paul-hong/

[18] Tightrope Books: http://tightropebooks.com/

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