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Teaser Tuesday

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This week’s Teaser Tuesday is the titular story from Paul Hongs story collection Your Love is Murder: or The Case of the Mangled Pie:

Henry Park, Sincere Detective
Your Love is Murder or The Case of the Mangled Pie

Jane is talking on the payphone when I arrive at the subway station. I stand there for a moment before she notices me.
Hi, she mouths.
I walk over to the subway map. I return and Jane is still talking. There’s a shout, and then another one. I spin and turn around in time to see two men hop over the turnstiles and burn rubber up to the far corridor. Following at a deteriorating pace is a police officer.
“What was that about?” Jane asks, standing next to me.
“I don’t know.”
“Huh. That was David on the phone by the way.”
“David wants to see us…right now.”
“What for?”
“I think it’s a case.”
David is shirtless when we arrive.
We sit and David disappears out of the room and returns with a pie. he sets it down in front of us. David works as a pastry chef for a popular caterer.
“Looks good,” Jane says, examining the pie.
David explains that he created this recipe for a fruit pie company a couple of weeks ago. recently he found out that a well-known restaurant was selling a very similar pie. David doesn’t know how that restaurant could have gotten hold of his special recipe.
“I want to hire you to figure out what happened.”
“There’s no way this recipe couldn’t have just been independently developed by their kitchen staff?”
David shakes his head, “No way. too much of a coincidence if you ask me. What’s the chance of the same recipe being developed at the exact same time in the same city.”
“Maybe someone there tried your pie and liked it so much that he or she tried to duplicate it for their own restaurant,” Jane says.
“Yeah, doesn’t that sort of thing happen all the time?” I ask.
I look at Jane. I look at her brother. “So…” I say, letting it fade away.
David shrugs. “That’s what I figured. I was just pissed and wondering if there was anything I could do.”
Jane gets up and wanders off.
David gets some forks and a big knife. He cuts a slice and hands it to me. He cuts himself a slice. When Jane returns, he cuts her one, too, and it is the biggest of them all.
“How is it?” David asks us.
“It’s marvellous,” Jane replies.
“Yeah, it’s really good,” I say.
“Tastes sort of like the one Mom used to make,” Jane manages, in between bites.
David stands and leaves the room. When he comes back he’s put on a red t-shirt.

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