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Teaser Tuesday- I.V. Lounge Nights

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This week’s Teaser Tuesday is a short story by Moez Surani featured in I.V. Lounge Nights:

There was an unsigned letter published in the Pakistani Dawn. It was circulated among English speakers and quickly translated into Urdu. University students felt emboldened.

Do not insult me
By telling me the colour of the sky,
The hue of the sinking sun,
The shape of the mountains at the horizon,
It is all blood,
Mountains, sky, the sinking sun.

Do not tell me how many Afghans have perished.
This use of numbers insults the individual.
Do not give me European subtleties.
It is all blood,
Mountains, sky, the sinking sun

Nooria jumps in front of Malik and walks backwards so they face eachother. “Malik, Nana says I have learned to read and write very fast. Maybe when we get to Iran I could be a poet. I don’t know how to rhyme yet but you could teach me? I could write a poem for you.”
Malik drops his pack from his shoulders. “What am I to do with a poem, Nooria? Can I eat a poem? Can I sleep under it at night? What is this?” He snaps the poppy from behind her right ear, tears it apart and throws the ruined flower away to his left. He picks his pack up and walks past Nooria, brushing roughly against her. “Poems are written by rich Englishmen.”

I.V. Lounge Nights is a collection of prose and poetry from the I.V. Lounge Nights Reading Series. The collection is edited by Alex Boyd and Myna Wallin and is available for purchase online.

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