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Just Friends

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Danila Botha’s new book
Got No Secrets was recently featured on Angie’s Diary a website dedicated to women, love, luck and fiction.

Here is an excerpt from Danila’s story, “Just Friends:”

It was over. She had run away, gone across the world to Australia to be in a band. It was a huge opportunity, blah blah blah. They had always known it was coming, he supposed, it was one of those unspoken things they both knew was there.

He had secretly hoped that since she never brought it up, she would change her mind. She had avoided it for only one reason: she didn’t want to disappoint him and break his heart, but she knew she would.It wasn’t that she didn’t love him; for the better part of three years she was more than positive that she did. There were times when she was sure she loved him so much that it physically hurt her. On those nights, when she lay in her single bed waiting for him, wondering if he was with someone else, wondering what would happen to them, wondering if he really loved her, she was convinced her heart would burst. He’d put her through a lot in the beginning, but she’d stayed with him.

He knew he’d made her wait a long time. He remembered the first time she told him she loved him. They were drunk. She had a dark red ring of wine around her mouth. She touched his hair around his ear. She made eye contact then stared out the window. He thought she was just saying it; they’d only known each other a few months. Afterward, he wondered if she knew him well enough to mean it. He suspected that she didn’t. Maybe she wanted it to be true. Maybe, on some level, he did too.

The rest of “Just Friends” can be found on Angie’s Diary.
To buy Got No Secrets click here

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