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Tightrope Teaser Tuesday: Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar

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Myna Wallin’s Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar book launch is coming up (more about that soon to come) and we at Tightrope think it’s time to share a little snippet from Wallin’s new book, out in June!

Read on for a tantalizing peek into the world of Cougars:

Looking back, she wonders why it took her so long to piece it together. There it was, right from the start. Comments on her choice of sensible footwear. His pointing at shoes in store windows. When she first found out, it was thrilling. She put her feet on his lap in a restaurant and all conversation stopped between them. He was tender, reverential even, when he touched her toes. There was palpable electricity in his fingers. Now she knew where her power lay. It was in her feet! Olivia finally had the key to unlocking Julian’s libido.

She goes for a professional pedicure and has bold red lacquer applied. Indelible Vixen Red. She feels an illicit thrill. Olivia wiggles the shiny toes as the polish dries, admiring them. She has sexy feet—what a revelation. That afternoon, she buys a pair of acrylic-heeled shoes with plenty of toe cleavage.

How many men out there were like him? Olivia surfs web sites filled with unfamiliar male porn. There is one called Step into My Bedroom where Olivia enters a totally new dimension, one she never knew existed. She discovers expressions like, “foot worship, foot domination, trampling.” There is “pedaling,” too, where women’s feet can be seen pressing the pedals of a car. It thrills her and simultaneously depresses her. Why don’t women fetishize men’s parts? Or do they?

Julian works as an industrial engineer, creating modular plastics for home use. His designs are sleek, hip and unaffordable. The company he works for sells to Bourgeois specialty stores everywhere. He hates the upwardly mobile. He doesn’t consider himself one of them. He reads, doesn’t even own a TV. He goes to foreign films, won’t watch Hollywood trash.

Julian works out since he appreciates his body and its strength. It isn’t a fear of aging that makes him join four different health clubs; it’s practicality. He needs to make sure there is always one nearby.

“I like the way exercise makes me feel. And yes, I’m a little vain.”

Olivia is giddy with the secret at first. Julian likes her to wear ankle bracelets and toe rings. He likes everything about her feet: strong, sleek, and well-proportioned with a high arch.

“Let me worship at the feet of a goddess,” he says as he presses his lips to her toes.

Olivia confides completely in Lauren. They’re best friends, after all.

“He says he’s always fantasized over women’s ankles, high-heels dripping off thier feet. When he was a boy he’d stare at his teacher’s feet under her desk and get excited. He’s obsessed!”

“My boyfriend kisses my feet, too,” Lauren says, taking a sip of her whiskey, “What’s so weird about that?”

Olivia starts to look at men in an entirely new way. They have secret fetishes and there is no way of knowing what they are. She muses over former boyfriends, men she runs into at work, and colleagues. Olivia wonders about them all.

She and Julian go to see a remount of the play Matador Love. The title character is an actor, but his deep passion is to be a matador. He belongs to an underground circuit since it’s illegal in Canada to gore a bull. The woman lead is named Enid, a foul-mouthed librarian. He fantasizes about a straight-laced, sex-starved woman. He wears his hair slicked back, his gold chains displayed from his open-buttoned shirt. Enid, on the other hand, dreams of a man like Clint Eastwood, who will walk into a room and possess her instantly. They both fall far short of each other’s fantasies and punish each other as a result.

Olivia thinks about how people all fit into one another’s niche. Or don’t. Like the complex mathematical and spatial dimensions that went into Julian’s industrial designs, love took advanced architectural construction. And a lot of luck. Why wouldn’t she want to indulge the fantasies of a gorgeous man, even if they were a little quirky and even if he was a little arrogant?

Synecdoche, the part standing in for the whole. The woman’s feet standing in for her whole body. A stand-in. Someone on a film set paid to stand, sit or lie under hot lights, or freeze out in the snow on location, while actors got massages in their trailers, take tai chi lessons, play Scrabble, or have hot adulterous sex. A stand-in is less important than the whole. A fetishist elevates the part; it becomes more important than the whole.

What did it matter if Julian’s requests were getting a bit more specific— ludicrous, even? Everyone had his or her thing. Besides, they were having fun together. They had the same taste in food and films. She was going to try to make it work. At eight years older, she barely qualified as a Cougar. As far as he knew, she was only two years older than him. Olivia never discloses her real age and when pressed, she lies. She keeps her age a secret from everyone but her inner circle: family and Lauren.

You can read more about Confessions of a Reluctant Cougar and purchase the book at Tightrope Books, here! Keep checking back for updates about Wallin’s June launch!

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