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Tuesday Teaser “Open Slowly”

By Tightrope Books | January 15th, 2010 | Print This Post | Email This Post | Leave a Comment

This weeks “Tuesday” teaser is Open Slowly, a charming collection of poems by Dayle Furlong.

In Open Slowly by Dayle Furlong young lovers tangle, tumble and dance their way through the urban landscape. They lose each other and rediscover each other in cafes and bars, over latte and beer while the city watches and waits for solitude to reassert itself. As the title suggests this is a book to be opened slowly, savoured like a surprise gift from a lover who will inevitably be forgotten, even while the gift remains.

Dayle Furlong studied English Literature & Fine Arts at York University. Her writing has appeared in Taddle Creek, Kiss Machine, The Puritan, Word & The Voice. She works as a literary publicist, a screenwriter ‘s assistant and for Descant Magazine. She has lived in all regions of Canada and has travelled throughout Central America, Asia & the US. She currently lives in Toronto.

Bite the Wind

Trinity-Bellwoods Park on an early spring afternoon
the earth smells of clinging soil, desperate to thrive
my niece throws up her arms and tells me she loves nature
questions why we must cut so many trees to make paper.

She’s quick for a seven-year-old, notions of revenge taut:
“If you cut trees for paper,” she says,
“Paper will get back and cut your fingers.”

Got it all figured out, passive paper: sly, full of cunning slits
siphoning into gentle skin.

She tells me she wants to bite the wind, wrangle it,
throw it on the other side of the world, she’s tired of
stray hair licking her face and choking her

Instead we run, up and down the little hill, through the valleys
and briar-like bramble patches that crack and creak, dry as paper,
prickly as leaves.

Open Slowly can be bought directly from our office at 602 Markham Street Toronto, ON M6G 2L8, through your favorite Indie Bookstore, or online from Amazon.

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