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Tightrope Tuesday Teaser: Etcetera and Otherwise, by Sean Stanley

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Welcome to a new edition of Tightrope Teaser Tuesday, where we give our readers the briefest of glances – teases, if you will – into our new, forthcoming, and backlist titles. Today’s Teaser is from Etcetera and Otherwise, by Sean Stanley.

Etcetera and Otherwise
is a charmingly illustrated surrealist fable, a love story, and an erotic journey. Bookstore owner Otherwise meets the beautiful Etcetera one afternoon when she comes into his store. The two begin on a fantastical erotic road trip that will last 28 days. As Otherwise falls more deeply in love, the mystery of Etcetera grows, culminating in the answer to the most important question of all — “do you love me too?”

Published in 2008, Etcetera and Otherwise is available for purchase from your favorite independent bookstore or by contacting us here at Tightrope. Visit Sean Stanley at his website, www.etceteraandotherwise.com.

Enjoy this excerpt from Etectera and Otherwise:

I followed the footprints for many kilometers.

As I crossed the plateau I was accosted by well-meaning mothers. The mothers surrounded me from all sides, pressing in on me with their flower-patterned and home-sewn aprons. The mothers had soft hands and comforting recipes.

“Son”, they said to me, “just sit down and relax, your should get your hair cut, have you met any nice girls, I’ve got supper on the stove, I’m worried you’re depressed.”

I increased the rate of my walking as the mothers crowded me.

“Son”, they insisted, “I’ve folded your socks, any girl would be lucky to have a handsome boy like you, I don’t like that friend of yours, he’s trouble.”

I could see in their eyes a sickness many mothers had, a sickness that made them thirsty for baby-helplessness. They were prairie vultures, I knew, and I quickly outpaced them, leaving them in the heart of the plateau.

“Son!” I heard them cry, “I’ll trim your hair for you, you need new shoes, we can go shopping together. What about that sweet girl Nancy you were seeing? But you’ve always liked oatmeal raisin cookies. You’re far too intelligent to be wasting your life this way. Son! Son! I found this under your mattress. SON!”

I left them in heart of the plateau, where they’d woo stronger men than myself into a spiritual smothering.

And I followed the footsteps for many kilometers.

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