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Tightrope Tuesday Teaser: Be Good, by Stacey May Fowles

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Welcome to a new edition of Tightrope Teaser Tuesday, where we give our readers the briefest of glances – teases, if you will – into our new, forthcoming, and backlist titles. Today’s Teaser is from Be Good, a novel by Toronto author Stacey May Fowles.

In this gritty first novel by Stacey May Fowles, a group of Canadian twenty-somethings wrestle with sex, love, and lies. Each character has a distinct persona made of secrets and deception, which is shattered by the end of the book. Set against the acutely drawn urban landscapes of Montreal and Vancouver, Hannah and Morgan struggle to navigate a maze of love affairs, failed relationships, obsessions, and departures from the familiar.

Deftly shifting perspective from the innocent and idealistic Hannah to the streetwise and damaged Morgan, to their friends and lovers, Be Good eloquently exposes the lies we tell ourselves and others in order to cope with life and reveals the ongoing alienation and isolation of a world where only the reliable narrator is the future.

Be Good was published by Tightrope in 2007, you can order a copy here. Visit Stacey May Fowles online at http://www.staceymayfowles.com.

Enjoy this excerpt from Be Good:

Curiosity got the better of me on Friday afternoon and I followed him home from the staff lounge, out of the visual arts building and onto the Metro. I did it not because I wanted to confront him but because I wanted to study the way he walked (slow and deliberate), and what he picked up on his way home (milk, eggs, and a copy of Harper’s) and where he lived (in a red walk-up in the Plateau). I suppose I thought that somewhere between Guy-Concordia Metro and the tree-lined side streets of the Plateau I would figure out why Morgan wanted him instead of me, why she left me for him, but I didn’t, and as I watched him methodically search the back of the refrigerator at the Couche-Tard for the latest date his milk could expire, I imagined that he was as insecure about her leaving as I was.

Because, reassuringly, I knew she would leave him, just as she left me and just as she would leave everyone eventually.

The only thing a girl like Morgan knew how to do was leave.

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